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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Some thoughts regarding Bernie-or-Bust, third party voting, or anger-abstinence this November...

Hello, Darlings. I've tried to keep quiet on this one, but alas, to no avail. (As you're about to see. Please grab your fireproof underwear in advance of this one. I'm afraid my tolerance has just boiled right damn over.)

Many of you, like me, are disappointed that Hillary won the Democratic nomination over Bernie. Very disappointed. I get that. Believe me, I do. I had such high hopes that finally we were ready as a country to move in the direction of true equality, and away from oppression and hate. Health care! Education! All those good things.

Instead, we get Hillary.

Now, instead of moaning about that, which is neither here nor there, the time has come to suck it up, buttercups, and stand fully behind the only candidate with a chance of winning that can be allowed to win.

Trump cannot be allowed to win. 

Can not.
(Should I keep saying that until it really sinks in, all you third-party voters, and those stomping their feet and refusing to vote at all since Bernie didn't get in? Trump cannot be allowed to win.)

I am literally baffled by the people I see on Facebook (and driving around, with stickers on their cars or yard signs, etc.) who are either actively supporting Trump or just denigrating Hillary.

I've had it pointed out to me that I can be a little bit 'in your face' about my political opinions this election year. Yeah, that's true. Because I think it's too late to be any other way.

I would like SO very much to believe that these people are actually good people who believe in equality, human rights, women's rights, freedom of (and freedom FROM) religion, etc., who are just ... confused. Who just ... haven't heard the right delicately-worded phrases that would allow them to come to the realization that a Trump presidency would mean anything other than disaster for this country.

I'd LIKE to believe that, but I don't. I just don't anymore. I don't believe there actually are people in this country who are that naive and innocent, that they just haven't seen or heard Trump talk, or seen and heard the hate and bigotry being slung as a matter of course on a DAILY BASIS by his Republican cronies - the ones who will ACTUALLY be pulling the strings if Trump wins.

They've seen. They've heard. The best that can possibly be said is that they are willfully sticking their heads into the sand. The worst - and, unfortunately, the most likely - is that they honestly believe that Trump and the other Republicans are right, and that what they want to do is right and fair and just.

And THAT, Darlings, is what scares the shit out of me when I hear people saying they will vote third party this November, or will abstain because they don't want to be responsible for choosing between 'those two': because every vote this November that ISN'T for the Democratic candidate takes away a possible NON-TRUMP vote. And Trump's supporters will be out en masse, make no mistake. The Republican party has got them so whipped up into a frenzy of fear and self-righteousness (against anyone who is not white, christian and, predominantly, male) that they will do anything to vote him in, to overturn what they view as attacks on their freedoms by The Other - us.

Forget feminism and women's rights. (I'm not talking about special rights for women; I'm talking about the same rights that men have, to equal pay, equal opportunities, equal autonomy over our bodies.)

Forget equal rights for LGBTQ people. (I'm not talking about special rights; I'm talking about the same rights that straight people enjoy, to love and marry whom they choose, to show public affection without being censured, humiliated, harmed or killed; to shop in stores or purchase products and services without being humiliated; to use the bathroom without being humiliated, jailed or killed.)

Forget equal HUMAN rights for all people in this country. (Do I need another aside on this one? We all know that white people as a historical precedent have the corner on the market of oppressing and stomping all non-white races into the ground as a matter of course. That hasn't changed as much as we'd like to think.)

Forget ANY kind of progressive thinking, or forward progress - and expect FULL reversal of any and all liberties and rights granted to those groups, in favor of a right-wing, religiously-led, racist, bigoted, xenophobic tyranny.

That's what Trump getting POTUS would mean. So I don't care if you hate Hillary like fire. I don't care if you think she's a dishonest, lying whore that eats puppies for breakfast. And I don't care if you (like me) think Bernie would have made a much better candidate for POTUS and really want to overturn the two-party system and try to fix the problems in our electorate. That's not the issue today, or the issue this November. The ONLY issue this November is, "DO YOU WANT TRUMP TO WIN?"

No one gets a pass.


Keep that crazy demagogue out of office, and vote Republicans out of congress.

But stop pretending that your ire and anger and feelings of betrayal mean you don't have this responsibility. We ALL do. Save your self-righteousness and overturn-the-system indignation for November 2nd, when we can start working on a viable third party candidate.

Right now, it's nothing but a sign of 'white privilege' - and primarily white male privilege - to pretend that we can afford to waste a non-Trump vote on a third party, or not vote at all. 

But until then, sit down, shut up, and support the only candidate with an actual, viable chance to keep Trump OUT.

Suck it up, buttercups.

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