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Friday, May 16, 2014

Long time, no Unicorn ... And shamless Phat Unicorn! plug

Sometimes, fun at the beach
gets in the way. Or so I'm told.
I guess it could happen. Maybe. ;)
Hello, Darlings! Long time, no Unicorn...

First and foremost, I owe you a heartfelt apology for neglecting you so sorely for the past ... um, way too long. Real life interfered, in the shape of a move cross-country from the Midwest to sunny Southwest Florida. (I can hear you sticking your tongues out at me, but hey, Unicorns love sunshine, and function way better without Seasonal Affective Disorder ruling our lives for nine months of the year. No one loves a tear-soaked, soggy Unicorn...)

If it mitigates the biting jealousy any to picture Partner and I driving for nearly two days in the car accompanied by three cats and a litterbox, please continue picturing that rather than Partner and I lounging on a semi-deserted beach at sunset, or swinging in the hammock next to our pool, or --

You know what? Maybe I'd better move on. ::grin::

So, skipping over most of the sunny gloriousity that is SW Florida, what happens now? I expect to be back 'in the saddle' (so to speak) bringing you my latest and greatest thoughts on LGBTQ happenings very soon.

In the meantime, if you need more Unicorn and just can't wait, feel free to visit my sister-blog, Phat Unicorn!. There you'll find yours truly presenting thoughts on mindful eating, joyous living, and of course, following my mantra of 'Sparkle like you mean it!' I'll be tossing up some delicious recipes to help you shake it up and brighten your days (and nights), as well as sharing links for other wellness-related things you may find useful and fun.

Alas, I must dash for now, Darlings. Back soon. Kisses!

Thanks for reading, as always. Sparkle on, and be fabulous to each other!

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  1. Living down South with that beautiful sunshine really kicks the seasonal depression in the rear! It's so glorious isn't it?! I may never move back to the Midwest, muahaha!

    Glad you're enjoying and looking forward to more Unicorn babble!


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