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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Unicorns. Onions. And Serious Cat.

Hey there, darlings. It’s me again. You probably guessed that, seeing as you showed up here on purpose just to ‘hear’ me rant and rave and ramble on… and on… Forever… and ever… and ever.
::insert creepy British twin little girl voices there::

Sometimes it’s hard.

Don’t go all pervy on me, now – that wasn’t a sex joke.

Or at least, it wasn’t until I went there just now. Now it is a sex joke. Oopsie.

But anyhow – in all seriousness. Sometime it is hard, sitting down to a blank piece of virtual ‘paper’ and deciding what pieces of wisdom, wit or whimsy I should foist upon your unsuspecting little selves this time.

* Warning * Semi-self-indulgent soul-and-blog-searching continues below. Enter at your own risk...

Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes there’s a topic in the news so big, so monumentally HUGE and so important to the LGBTQ community that I can hardly contain myself. Those pieces seem to write themselves.

Sometimes something I’ve done or seen in the previous week springs to mind, and I jot down my thoughts and ideas and share them with you in an attempt to solicit your thoughts and ideas. (That has brought mixed results, but then again, it’s my blog, so I shouldn’t expect or require anyone else to talk. You’ll talk if you’ve a mind, as my grandmother would probably say.)

Judging only on ‘likes’ on each post, there doesn’t see to be a lot of difference between the two types of post. Most of them are pretty well-received which, as a writer, does warm the cockles of my little Unicorn heart. However, I frequently find myself in a quandary when I sit down to write, because I don’t know if I should try to keep things all topical and serious – (imagine Serious Cat now – you have to do the voice or it won’t work: ‘This r srs advocacy blog; gay blogging r srs biznss!’) – or if I can lighten up and ramble a bit further in my range of topics.

Sometimes I have a new idea for something I think people might enjoy. That’s how the ‘Rainbow Reviews’ started – I was wading through the ‘Gay and Lesbian Movies’ section of Netflix, and had to seriously question why some of the movies were thusly categorized. I started thinking about what the criteria were for selection, since not all the movies had a particularly ‘gay’ theme or emphasis. Some are clearly meant for an LGBTQ audience and are meant as humor (hello, ‘Big Gay Musical’ and ‘The Gay Bed & Breakfast of Terror’). Some explore serious gay issues or are gay-themed documentaries. Some have a gay character. And some are apparently movies that someone watched, said, “That was gay!”, and they were somehow added in. But I digress.

I consider myself a fairly outspoken and opinionated LGBTQ advocate. One of the reasons I started writing this blog was to have a medium to express those views and opinions, loudly and without apology. Some of my audience are fairly ‘serious’ LGBTQ folks. Some are friends and family, who are open-minded and allies, if not LGBTQ themselves. Some are strangers, or ‘friends I haven’t met yet’, about whose preferences I have ZERO idea. Which is great. The more the merrier. Everyone is welcome here (as long as they’re respectful of everyone else).

When I think about the people most likely to be reading Unicorn Babble, I imagine most of them have at least some interest in LGBTQ issues. Or, if not, they just enjoy torturing themselves and whipping themselves into an indignant frenzy every time I mention ‘assless chaps’. (As my partner pointed out to me last week, all chaps are actually assless. I guess just like to say it.) But as I think about that, I start going in mental circles, asking myself if I’m writing about these things because they’re what I want to write about, or because they’re what I think people expect to hear from a blog written by a self-avowed LGBTQ advocate. Does it matter? Does the audience have some effect on the content? Or is it more of an “If I write it, they will come” sort of thing?

Sometimes I don’t know.

I said in my virgin post that ‘Unicorns have layers’ (like Shrek and onions), and warned y’all that I would be hopping from topic to topic in a possibly random and often joyous babble. I meant to do that. I really did. But then things got all serious, and now I’m not sure how to get it back. Or if I should.

I know that I definitely want to write about the things that are important to me, and that I feel strongly about. Some of those things – a lot of them – have content ‘relevant to an LGBT audience’ (as they say on New Now Next). I’m too chock-full of sparkly-rainbow fabulousity for them not to.

But sometimes I want to write about an awesome new recipe that I came up with, or a cool book that I read, or a great non-LGBTQ event that I went to – in other words, things as relevant to LGBTQ advocacy as some of the category-failed movies on Netflix. But then that ‘how am I categorized’ monster raises it’s ugly head: Will the people who read UB for it’s LGBTQ advocacy-related-content be offended or put off by the more frivolous stuff? It’s like Serious Cat meets Foamy the Squirrel – can the two co-exist in one place?
Foamy c.

Can I post a heated diatribe against gay teen cyber-bashing, followed by a recipe for salted caramel pretzel cake, or will half the people stop visiting? And, if so, would putting those little silvery-sparkly beebees on top make it all right again? Can I talk about ‘real life’ normal issues – obviously colored through rainbow-sequined glasses – without driving anyone away? Or do I need to post a big old picture of Serious Cat at the top of every page that deals with things on the lighter side of life?

Crap. Now I can't stop whistling.

So. Unicorns do have layers. And nobody can be ‘All Gay, All the Time’ (except maybe Ellen DeGeneres and Kurt on Glee!, but Ellen is already Ellen, and Kurt’s a fictional character). It would be too exhausting, being that fabulous 24/7.
(Ok, I admit it – I am that fabulous, but only about 18/7. I have to sleep sometime.)

And sometimes I am going to write about things that have a higher or lower sparkle quotient than others. Deal with it. I’ll try to let on early on in the post if it’s full-on fabulous (or Serious Gay Issue Time), rather than a low-sparkle quotient, and anyone who doesn’t want to continue can feel free to sashay away, or browse off to some corner of the 'Net that's more ‘Srs’ (make sure you’re doing the Serious Cat voice again) if they feel the need. And I won’t pimp the post quite as hard on social media groups that I know are more ‘srs’.

Ok, guess I just solved my own problem. Unicorns love closure! And, apparently, the sound of our own voices … which have been going on for quite enough time now, thank you very much.

One more thing before I sign off for the night, darlings … I have been longing to start a new segment here on UB that would require a modicum of reader participation in order for it to work. ‘Ask Unicorn’ – where you, the intrepid reader, could ask me, the babbling Unicorn, questions. (Sort of a ‘Queer Abby’, but some lucky SOB already jumped on that bandwagon before I thought of it. Brilliant!) Do you think it would fly? If I did it, would you all play along and ask? I, personally, think it would be a hoot, and we should do it. But I can’t do it alone, or it would just be me talking to myself … oh, erm…  which I see I am still doing. Right. Wrapping up!

So, let me know what you think about ‘Ask Unicorn’, or about anything else I’ve rambled on about. Unicorns love comments (and questions!). If you’d like to share your perspective on content types, audience, or anything else, please chime in and join in the babble. And, as always, be fabulous to each other.


  1. Babble on Unicorn!

    1. Thank you, darling reader! I will do my best to continue spreading the fabulous! Thanks for reading and for joining the babble.


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