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Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Unicorn's First Babble...

Or, why do I think anyone wants to hear what I have to say?

Short answer: I'm not sure.

Medium answer: I have a lot of opinions, and no platform from which to let my fabulous (semi)freaky flag fly.

Long answer: My writing comes from a myriad of places:  Hope. Optimism. Belief in the general goodness of (hu)mankind, that happiness and love are real and what matters, and that most things usually do work out well in the end. That, and I'm p*ssing off my Facebook friends by constantly posting sideways-rants inspired by the latest meme, movement, or picture of a kitten with something odd on it's head (and questionable grammar skills). A blog is a place where those who are interested in what I have to say can drop in when they please, stay if they choose, and sign up to hear more if they're feeling particularly brave, sassy, unruly, or just feeling into random acts of wordy weirdness.

My interests are many and varied, and you will see most of them represented here at one time or another (some of them many, many times). This blog may be for you if: you are interested in human rights and LGBTQ issues; weird humor, vegetarian cooking, Doctor Who, geek TV, roller skating, theatre and acting, writing, poetry, art, exercise and fitness, nutrition, music, animals, people, love, joy, and LIFE. This blog is NOT for you if you are intolerant, closed-minded, bigoted, or if you refuse to question the status quo, at least some of the time. I'll try not to be 'all serious, all of the time'; frankly, I don't think I could do that if I tried. Expect the random LOLcat once in a while, probably posted right between a unibabble on Lizzie Borden (she didn't do it!) and my recipe for poached eggs on butterbeans with tomatoes (fabulous!).

I will try not to be vulgar, but I will not censor myself, nor will I apologize if my opinions differ from yours. That's part of what makes life so darn interesting: that none of us are the same, and our differences can make us beautiful - or ugly. I welcome your comments, but if  they are ugly - by which I mean if you are attacking someone, bullying anyone, or belittling someone for who they are or what they believe simply because they are different than you - I will remove your comments and I will remove you.  This is a safe space, where those who share common ground may gather, where those who differ may find something to share; a place where all may merrily wander, and those who feel lost may find a light or a friend. If you are a hater, go someplace else. Period.

And get used to hearing me talk about equality. Equality is for everyone - young or old, male or female (and none of the above), gay or straight (ditto same caveat), white or black, (ditto my ditto), atheist or born-again or whomever you may be. This is something that will come up over and over and over again. You may feel that it's repetitive. I feel that it bears repeating until every person on this planet is treated the same way that every one of us would like to be treated. Until that day, yeah, I'm probably going to keep talking about it. Because if I keep talking, maybe someone will hear me.

Maybe someone will think, "Hey, that unicorn's kind of onto something there, maybe everybody does deserve to be treated fairly and equally."

And maybe that someone will share my words with someone else.

Maybe not.

But, more importantly, maybe that someone will go out into the world and be a little bit nicer. Treat someone with more respect, more kindness. Maybe that person will even step up and take a stand to help someone that cannot or will not protect themselves. And just maybe someone else will see that person's actions, and will do something nicer for somebody else, too.

And what if that kindness, that one little act that was so simple to the one who did the doing, what if that act is the one thing, the only thing, maybe, that shows someone out in the world that people can be kind, even when it gains them nothing in return? What if it shows someone on the edge of giving up that the world doesn't have to suck, that not everyone is mean or selfish or hateful, and that someone really does care, if only for that moment?

In the long run, will it matter? Will my blog change the world? Happy endings all around, world peace, here's your puppy? Probably not. But if something I say can touch one person, can inspire one action that might help one person, one time, to see that they are not alone, that no one is ever truly alone -

- that is why I will babble.

If you're still with me and reading at this point, then there's hope for this madness after all. It's OK if you don't agree with me, some or all of the time. You may find me irritating, long-winded, or just plain weird (I would probably agree!). There are thousands of blogs crowding the ether of cyberspace every day. Mine may be no better (but hopefully no worse) than most. I will endeavor, however, to focus my energy in a positive direction, to show and to be the changes that I want to see in the world, and (hopefully) to amuse, provoke, and inspire you to do the same.  I hope what you read will encourage you to think your own thoughts, to find your own voice, and use those things to shape your life - and the lives of everyone you touch, knowingly or unknowingly - with hope, with optimism, and with joy.

Why a unicorn, I hear you asking? Elusive, ephemeral, halfway between reality and dream, a creature of innocence, wisdom and purity of heart. Unique - like every one of us. Made of flesh, but driven to find and connect to the sense of childlike wonder we all hold within - maybe far within. We can each find that place inside of ourselves again, where we had not yet learned NOT to love ourselves, and had not learned to be afraid. To be strong, and beautiful and free.

We are all unicorns. This is our voice.

Let us babble!

AN: Thank you for those who have followed me from Dreamwidth. I made the move to blogspot, as I find this site provides more functionality.

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