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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

One step closer! DOMA Overturned!

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Happy day, darlings! Today, in a landmark win for pro-LGBTQ equality, the SCOTUS found that “DOMA is unconstitutional as a deprivation of the equal liberty of persons that is protected by the Fifth Amendment.” 

I'm filled with giddy joy that this decision was reached. I actually teared up when I heard the ruling, and flew down the stairs to tell my partner, and I still haven't stopped grinning about it. We did it. It's a fabulous step forward. However, in the middle of our celebrating, parties and support rallies, we need to remember this: It's only ONE step.

There is still a long way to go before we reach true equality. The tide is turning, in the US as well as worldwide. The majority of people believe that all people should be treated with respect, and have the same rights, freedoms, privileges and responsibilities. This is worth celebrating, but we need to keep things moving while the momentum is there to propel us forward.  

All of the major human rights victories in US history - including the abolishing of slavery, woman suffrage, equal rights for non-Caucasians, school desegregation, and mixed-race marriages - were achieved because those who believed in them never gave up. They knew that many smaller victories add up to eventual success. 

Today's victory is NOT small. It's HUGE. So, what comes next?
There are many celebration rallies happening throughout the country. Towleroad has a map to find one near you here.

FreedomToMarry has a petition, "I Won't Give Up On Love!" - sign to pledge your continued support and encourage action towards equality here.

Most importantly, keep talking about it. Be as visible as you can (and as you are personally comfortable) and keep the issue in front of people. Ignorance is what breeds fear, while familiarity - what is known - brings acceptance.

Many extremists in the media, religion and politics like to demonize those of us in the LGBTQ community. Let's show them that we're here, we're queer, but we're just like them in the ways that matter. We work, we play, we laugh and cry, we struggle, we fall in love and raise loving, stable, healthy families - we are all one race - human. Every step that helps someone stop seeing us as 'other', brings them close to understanding and compassion. And it is compassion that will lead us - eventually - to the final victory: the time when the rights and freedoms of ALL humans are upheld by the federal courts in all lands.

That time is coming. The road is long and may not be easy, but we have taken a monumental first step. Let today go down in history as the Day DOMA Died, and start taking the next steps to freedom.

And now, darlings, let the dancing and celebrating commence!! We've earned it.

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And as always, be fabulous to each other!

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